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Dance Program

Dance is movement, visually organized in space and time. A dancer’s skills and techniques are often based on tradition and
passed down from one generation to the next. Nonetheless, dance is in a constant state of self-definition. Dancers, choreographers and all those involved in studying and performing dance take part in defining and reinterpreting the art form. Dance education in Clear Creek ISD provides all students with the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of dance as an art form. Students learn and refine dance skills and techniques in class and in performance, study the historical and cultural significance of dance and its evolution as an art form and evaluate personal work and the work of others. At Clear Brook all Dance I classes study ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, tap, cultural dance, social dance and basic choreography, as well as group special relationships. Our Dance II, III and IV students continue their study of these genres, completing a more in-depth study of movement vocabulary and choreography.


The Dance Classes at Clear Brook HS participate in three concerts during the school year. Movement and Motion every other Fall semester and Dance FUSION every other Spring Semester. Students have the opportunity to perform in the Celebrities Spring Show every Spring semester.


Movement and Motion
The purpose of Movement and MotionFall Concert (performed every other year) is to give all the dance students an extension of the classroom and to let them experience the adrenaline of a stage performance. For some performers this will be their very first time to dance in a theater setting.

Dance Fusion
Dance FUSION was created to be a collaborative effort of all five high school dance departments. With approximately 900 dancers, you will have the opportunity to watch a dynamic finale at the eighth annual CCISD Dance Concert at Clear Creek High School Carlisle Field House in April 2017. Because of the limited seating, tickets are not available for public sales. First Show at 1 pm and Second Show at 4 pm.

Spring Show
The dance classes at Clear Brook participate in a large themed production number in the Celebrities Spring Show the first week-end in May.

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